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ZFU EcoFarmer Combo

ZFU EcoFarmer Combo

ZFU EcoFarmer Combo is a bundle of services, including EcoFarmer Maize or Cattle Tips and Weather Indexed Insurance, ZFU Membership, and EcoSure Funeral Cover,  which farmers can subscribe for a minimum of ZWL10.00 per month. The monthly subscription is allocated towards payment for the benefits as follows:

Monthly premium payment for ZWL 5000 funeral cover. Customers can upgrade their policy and add beneficiaries as required.
Customer’s ZFU Membership  subscription instalment payable monthly from October to September for membership in the subsequent year. Customers who fully pay for their membership also access discounted inputs at registered agro dealers.
Cattle Tips monthly subscription fees for customers under Natural Farming Region 4 and 5 or Weather Indexed Insurance monthly instalment payable from October to 30 September for ZWL 250 drought cover in subsequent season. The Weather Indexed Insurance is only available for farmers under Natural Region 1,2 and 3 and these farmers will also receive maize tips.

How to Register for ZFU Combo

  1. Customers can register as individuals or as members of a burial society.
  2. Farmer or burial society representative approaches ZFU EcoFarmer Combo Agent in their local area.
  3. ZFU EcoFarmer Combo Agent submits customer details and/or registration documents to ZFU Head Office which submits them to EcoFarmer for registration.
  4. Once customer has been registered, monthly billing commences.
  5. To deregister, contact 144 and submit your request.



Submit certified copies of the following documents to the nearest Econet Shop or via your nearest ZFU office:

  • Burial Order, Order to Bury or Death
  • IDs of Claimant and 2 witnesses with same surname as deceased
  • Completed EcoSure Claim Form