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Why Farmers need to Register on EcoFarmer

It is important for farmers to register on EcoFarmer because it provides them with location specific, weather-related advice. Farmer registration also allows various suppliers to communicate with farmers via EcoFarmer based on their location. While English is the default language during registration, farmers can change languages via USSD, allowing them to receive information in the language of their choice.

Farmers must be registered on EcoCash to register for EcoFarmer. Farmers will be requested to confirm their personal details, select their province, district, ward number and farm type.


Registration Process:

  1. Dial *144#
  2. Select Register
  3. Confirm personal details
  4. Select province of your farm
  5. Select district of your farm
  6. Enter ward number of your farm
  7. Select Farm Type
  8. Confirmation SMS message is sent to farmer.

Deregister from EcoFarmer

  1. Dial *144#
  2. Select Help
  3. Select Deregister
  4. Confirm Deregistration