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EcoFarmer Weather Indexed Insurance

EcoFarmer Weather Indexed Insurance (WII)

The increasing phenomenon of climate change, resulting in unpredictable cycles of droughts and excessive rainfall presents risks for farmers. EcoFarmer’s Weather Indexed Insurance provides peace of mind to smallholderfarmers who need to be assured that they can go back to farming in the coming season. WII provides cover for the potential loss to one’s investment on the farm. At a premium of 10%, farmers can insure their maize production inputs from a minimum of $25.00 to as much as $625 per season, ensuring that they can go back to the field in the next farming season.

Which Crops and Areas are Covered?
This policy is designed to cover maize and is available for farmers under natural farming region 1, 2 and 3.

How can I get Cover?
Customers can get buy this insurance on their phone over the EcoFarmer short code *144#, selecting Financial Services and then Weather Indexed Insurance after the 1st of June each year for cover offered during the upcoming summer season.

How much do I pay per month?
Farmers pay a premium of 10% e.g. $2.50 for $25 cover per season.

EcoFarmer Weather Indexed Insurance Terms and Conditions.