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EcoFarmer Dial-a-Mudhumeni

Through Dial-a-Mudhumeni service, farmers (with Econet Lines) can dial 144 and choose to speak to a farming adviser on any of the helpdesks, in a language of their choice, for free. The helpdesks can host marketing and technical personnel from agricultural input suppliers, produce buyers and the service industry to advise farmers for a small fee.

3 help-desks are currently available under the Dial-a-Mudhumeni Service

  1. Field and Horticultural Crops (in partnership with Mubatsiri)
  2. Tobacco (in partnership with Tobacco Research Board)
  3. Livestock (in partnership with Department of Livestock Production and Veterinary Services)

Benefits of Dial-a-Mudhumeni
An organisation can promote their products and services by sending a free advertorial SMS to Econet customers asking them to call on 144 for free to talk to its marketing team on the solutions the organisation offers to address the farmers’ challenges. A farmer can make an enquiry or seek advice on the helpdesk from free.

How to Use the EcoFarmer Dial-a-Mudhumeni Service as a Corporate Customer

  1. To use this service, choose your target market/call centre for either
    - Field and Horticultural Crops
    - Livestock
    - Tobacco
  2. Decide when and how many lines and how many weeks you wish to be hosted on Dial-a-Mudhumeni. Pay for the service into an EcoFarmer account.
  3. Identify an issue which is affecting this market segment which your products or services canassist to address. Draft a <160 character SMS message alerting farmers on the issue andinviting them to speak to your representatives for this advice. This message will be approved by EcoFarmer prior to broadcast. EcoFarmer will send this SMS message for free.
  4. EcoFarmer sends the SMS to the farmers. You can choose to send the message to specific segments.
  5. Your representative comes to our call centre  to answer calls during the promised dates and time.

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